Monthly Archives: April 2015


4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Working With Bloggers

Wanting to work with bloggers, but feeling intimidated or confused as to what the latest protocol is? We went right to the source. Smarty polled some of our favorite bloggers and asked them directly – what advice would you share with PR folks wishing to

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Color management set

3 Graphic Design Programs for Social Media: Easy to Advanced

If you are posting any content to social media for business, odds are, you are eventually going to need some custom graphics. If you are a smaller business, do not have a budget to hire your own graphic designer and have some extra time, here

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Reach Teens on These 3 Social Media Networking

Navigating the world of social media when it comes to “what’s cool” for teens can be a daunting task. Snap-what? Peri-huh? Just when we have Facebook and Instagram mastered, along comes another. Keeping up with the ever-growing and ever-evolving trends can feel near impossible. The

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