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3 Graphic Design Programs for Social Media: Easy to Advanced

If you are posting any content to social media for business, odds are, you are eventually going to need some custom graphics. If you are a smaller business, do not have a budget to hire your own graphic designer and have some extra time, here are a few programs you can use to create your own assets.

Canva– This is a wonderful program. You choose the size you need, then what you love aesthetically and can edit to your liking. The Layout is already created for you, or if you have something specific in mind, you can start from scratch and it has many tools. Once you choose your layout, you can edit with your own photo, or one they have on stock, add type or shapes, edit the color, and export as a .jpg, .png or .pdf. It is so easy and allows for clean, beautiful design without the hassle of learning a completely new program.

Pros: User-friendly, website is aesthetically nice and has many options for inspiration and a “school” to help further your design skills and knowledge.

Cons: You are limited in certain areas and although mostly free, there are some templates that cost.

canva-social-media-tool is great for free infographic templates. If you are looking to visually tell a complicated story in a simple way, then this is a great place to start.

Pros: Clean, simple and offers some good design. Very easy to use and edit and is free.

Cons: It can be slow, given that it is a web browser application. Although mostly free, if you want more templates you have to pay.


Photoshop: The options are endless in this program. It is by far the best photo editing software, but also allows you to create custom animated gifs, edit photographs and even draw. This is as custom as it gets, so if you have very specific needs, then this is the program you want, but you will need to invest some time in this program.In my personal opinion, it is the best!

Pros: You can find free tutorials on youtube or and they changed their flat cost to a monthly subscription, which makes it more accessible.

Cons: It takes some baseline knowledge of design and if you are not interested in furthering these skills, may not be worth the time and energy.




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