4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Working With Bloggers

Wanting to work with bloggers, but feeling intimidated or confused as to what the latest protocol is? We went right to the source. Smarty polled some of our favorite bloggers and asked them directly – what advice would you share with PR folks wishing to work with you? They had some terrific tips to share.

Hillary of My Scraps reminds us that bloggers are savvy marketers themselves: “Don’t be afraid to share your goals and KPIs for success… we want to help you succeed!” Don’t hesitate to share exactly what you’re looking for – they want to help you and your brand look good. Being specific about goals will benefit both you and the blogger produce the best quality content for a successful campaign.

Stephanie of Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom suggests not to take numbers at face value. “Someone may have a ton of followers, but no engagement or reach – so their message goes to a void.” Look for comments on blog and social posts, retweets and social shares to make sure that eyes are getting on this influencer’s message.

Quality work is where you will get the most value for your blogger investment… not high numbers. “Lots of times those really high numbers are fabricated or fake followers…but quality work – ethical practices, great photos and good writing – is a win for you,” says Maria of The New York Mom. A blogger who produces a well-written post with great photos has value beyond just sharing your message with their readers. It will provide you with high-quality content you can share on your social channels long after the campaign ends.

Related to campaigns ending, Kelly of The Centsible Life appreciates feedback after a campaigns are over. “I really want to know what the client thought, what you loved, and what (if anything) needs to be improved.” Follow up with a blogger – not just to thank them – but to share your successes. They played a part in it, after all!

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