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Reach Teens on These 3 Social Media Networking

Navigating the world of social media when it comes to “what’s cool” for teens can be a daunting task. Snap-what? Peri-huh? Just when we have Facebook and Instagram mastered, along comes another. Keeping up with the ever-growing and ever-evolving trends can feel near impossible. The good news is while there are apps like Stellar, Periscope, Vine and that teens are using on a consistent basis, the familiar tried and true platforms are still King. While a circulating myth that Facebook may be on the out for teens, numbers and usage state otherwise. While there are the “trendsetters” trying out new platforms and apps, they have yet to ditch Facebook. Without further adieu, the top 3 best marketing platforms for teens:

  1. Facebook

Facebook is used by 71% of Americans aged 13 to 17 according to Pew Research Center      survey. That’s nearly the same amount as adults using the platform. Facebook is still the platform that is the hardest to replicate with the amount of data that the average user has access to; photo, friends, messaging, likes and so forth. While it is highly saturated with brand presence, standing apart from the others with relevant, clever and quality content is key. After all, there is always that sneaky “unfollow,” button….and no one wants to be silenced into a black hole of unseen content.

  1. Instagram

“Two posts a day keep the followers away,” my teenage sister recently said. While it gave me a good chuckle, the insight of the phrase was clear: less content, better quality. Teens Instagram pages are highly curated, with nearly professional photographs from teen influencers boasting 10k followers and more, with glossy high-level peeks into what  life looks like, (or what they’d like it to.) There is no rambling or impulsivity.  This is a platform that is precious to the teens, always approached from a well thought out and calculated lens. What applies to teens approach to Instagram, also applies to brands. 52% of teens are using or better yet, lurking your posts.

  1. Snapchat

If you aren’t on it, guaranteed your teens are. For teens, they are becoming highly aware that once content is posted, it exists somewhere forever. From a growing teen’s perspective, that’s not so awesome. So, why not have content that simply disappears within 24hrs? For a brand, the content has to be raw and real-time. Brands like McDonald’s, Sour Patch Kids, Free People and even General Electric are some of at the top of our list accessing the 41% of teens currently on the platform AND the growing number of adults.

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