Meet the Smarty Team

Equal parts serious and playful, our team of Smarties knows when to break out in a brainstorm and buckle down and work. The best part? We have an array of personalities to fit your brand.

Jami Eidsvold


Jami Eidsvold Jami Eidsvold

Stephanie Theodopoulos

General Manager

Stephanie Theodopoulos Stephanie Theodopoulos

Dee Thibodeau

VP Operations

Dee Thibodeau Dee Thibodeau

Steph Goddard

VP Business Development

Steph Goddard Steph Goddard

Cam Steed

VP Media Intelligence

Cam Steed Cam Steed

Kenny Eidsvold


Kenny Eidsvold Kenny Eidsvold

Michelle Prieve

Director of Client Service

Michelle Prieve Michelle Prieve

Kelly Campbell

Account Director

Kelly Campbell Kelly Campbell

Anita Schallberger

Account Director, Influencer

Anita Schallberger Anita Schallberger

Cristina Cunningham

Account Manager

Cristina Cunningham Cristina Cunningham

Sarah Kalosa

Senior Media Director

Sarah Kalosa Sarah Kalosa

Blake Bradley

Media & Analytics Coodinator

Blake Bradley Blake Bradley

Shannon Taylor

CX Teams Director

Shannon Taylor Shannon Taylor

Della Wyser

CX Account Director

Della Wyser Della Wyser

Julie Jensen

CX Project Manager

Julie Jensen Julie Jensen

Megan Carranza

CX Specialist

Megan Carranza Megan Carranza

Amy Chavez

CX Specialist

Amy Chavez Amy Chavez

Jennifer Archuleta

CX Specialist

Ryan Letman Ryan Letman

Janna Murphy

CX Specialist

Janna Murphy Janna Murphy

Kellie Arens

Content Team Director

Kellie Arens Kellie Arens

Ryan Letman

Creative Strategy Director

Ryan Letman Ryan Letman

James Wong

Production Director

James Wong James Wong

Helen Montaño

Senior Producer & Social Strategist

Helen Montaño Helen Montaño

Paige Leonardi

Senior Content Producer

Paige Leonardi Paige Leonardi

Kim Woodhall

Content Producer

Kim Woodward Kim Woodward

Morgan Adams

Content Producer

Morgan Taylor Morgan Taylor