Influencers & Content Integrations

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AwesomenessTV + Invisalign® clear aligners:
Made to Move 

In partnership with Gold PR

The Challenge:

Position Invisalign® clear aligners as the cool way for teens to straighten their teeth without disrupting their life.

The Solution:

Identified AwesomenessTV (ATV) as the partner to reach teens through a 5-episode short film series featuring influencers mentoring teens with shared passions. The films were surrounded by a 360° program of short film trailers, Q&A content, additional ATV original content integrations and a VidCon event activation all connected through social promotion across Invisalign, influencer and ATV social channels.

The Result:

The program drove a 35% increase in consideration and a 28% increase in recommendation intent for Invisalign among the teen target.