Regulated Industries

We have built a team and a culture that thrives amid the restrictions and constant change of regulated environments.


Understand the complexities of our clients’ business

We dive into research to understand new categories and industries while helping clients navigate conflicting marketing, legal and regulatory priorities.


Look for new ways to push the boundaries

We know that success in this space requires a relentless commitment to learning and the experience to adapt on a dime.


Find the opportunity

We find ways to push boundaries within the rules of the FTC and FDA.

No, Can’t and Don’t are not part of the Smarty vocabulary. We’ve become known among a long list of regulated industries for offering solutions to the toughest rules & restrictions:

  • Cosmetic Dental
  • Medical Devices
  • Vape
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bandages & Scar Therapy
  • Cannabis & CBD
  • Aesthetic Procedures

Regulated brands that have relied on Smarty:

In partnership with Gold PR: