Integrum + Smarty Social Win Ad Age Healthcare Marketing Silver Award

We’re thrilled to announce that in partnership with Integrum, Smarty Social has been honored with the esteemed Ad Age Healthcare Marketing Silver Award for Social Media Campaign of The Year for Limb Loss Awareness Month! 🏆

Presented by Modern Healthcare and Ad Age, the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards celebrates excellence in advertising, marketing, promotion, and communication campaigns in healthcare.

The award is focused on ingenuity and creativity in campaigns that promote the health of individual patients, groups, and communities, helping organizations thrive in today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry.

About Integrum & Limb Loss Awareness Month

Integrum is dedicated to improving the quality of life and minimizing the effects of limb loss by establishing bone-anchored prostheses as the global standard for amputees. Its OPRA Implant System is the only bone-anchored prosthesis approved by the FDA. 

Each April is Limb Loss Awareness Month (LLAM), which recognizes those living with limb loss and limb differences. 2023’s theme was “Inspire to Elevate,” and was built around four elements: Elevate Your Story, Elevate Your Voice, Elevate Your Community, and Elevate Your Potential.

Smarty Social worked with Integrum to support Limb Loss Awareness Month with a supporting awareness campaign that also aimed to increase awareness of Integrum’s OPRA Implant System among patients and professional communities. 

Smarty’s Solution to Grow Awareness and Patient Leads

How did Smarty Social work with Integrum to support Limb Loss Awareness Month while increasing awareness of Integrum’s OPRA Implant System?

Smarty built a custom campaign that included elevating organic social content, tapping into patient communities, and executing a performance marketing plan to engage and nurture prospective patients to move the needle against these key business metrics. 

Smarty Social created the #myOPRAjourney social media campaign that focused on three areas of social all working together to drive awareness and patient leads:

  • Capture the real stories of Integrum ambassadors and encourage others to share their #myOPRAjourney
  • Publish storytelling content during #LimbLossAwarenessMonth to highlight the life-changing benefits of Integrum’s bone-anchored system for patient and professional audiences while actively using Smarty’s customer experience team to engage with prospective patients
  • Launch a social performance marketing campaign using paid social to grow the patient pipeline and drive them through the customer funnel

The Results

The campaign resonated with our key audiences, highlighting the empowerment experienced by amputees as a result of the OPRA Implant System. Smarty monitored almost 500 unique #limblossawarenessmonth hashtags, engaging proactively wherever possible and effectively expanding Integrum’s brand visibility beyond its owned channels.

The results were impactful:

  • Delivered 7 million consumer impressions and 26,000 clicks to a custom landing page designed and launched to support this campaign, demonstrating strong engagement with an emotional yet educational approach to messaging
  • Generated 74 patient leads, from a highly niche audience
  • Engaged the professional audience through 1.2 million impressions, driving a CPC 42% lower than industry benchmarks

The overall sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. Honoring the resilience and success stories within the limb-loss community resonated deeply. One individual shared, “Love all the stories of what an amputee could achieve. Nothing is impossible!” ❤️️

Receiving this award was a highlight of 2023! ✨ Thank you to the Integrum team and our incredibly hard-working and dedicated Smarties who helped achieve this milestone.

Integrum’s Organic Instagram Feed during LLAM

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