Top 10 Tips for Writing Killer Content

When it comes to marketing, words can move mountains — or at least create major buzz around your brand. But before you think just stringing together any words will do, make sure to follow these tips for writing content that produces real results.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. 

Before you hit publish, ask yourself one question: Would I find this entertaining or worthy of a click? If you say no, don’t expect your audience to answer any differently.

Be conversational. 

Writing for the internet is not the same as writing the next great American novel. Readers want to relate to what you write, which means a conversational tone is usually the way to go. 

Trim the fat. 

Too many words kill the perfect punch line. Trim down your copy to let your message stand out. (And if you think it’s trim enough, keep trimming.)

Consider your story. 

You’re tuned into what your brand offers, but do you know why you offer it? Creating relatable and engaging content starts by understanding your “why.”

Understand what motivates your audience. 

Your audience is driven by their “why.” Speak to how your product or offering matches what motivates them and you’ll see serious results.

Think about them first.

You might be the best at what you do, but your audience only cares about how they can benefit from what you’re offering. Remember to keep the spotlight on them — not you. 

Don’t shy away from emotion.

The content that inspires action starts with emotion. Even the most mundane topics become relatable when you throw in a little feeling. 

Be equals with your audience. 

The quickest way to turn people off is by preaching or speaking down to them. Use a tone and style that suggests you are equals, dealing with the same issues and looking for the same solutions.

Encourage participation.

A productive conversation is always two-sided. Wherever possible, include an ask that gets your audience to answer a question or take an action.

Be human. 

Look at your content from a human lens after seeing it from a professional one and remember: No one likes to engage with a robot.

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