How to Tackle Full Funnel Healthcare Marketing on Social 

Over the past decade, the team behind Smarty has worked to unlock the power of social for healthcare brands. We are pioneers in the space, working hand in hand with our clients and their legal and regulatory teams to leverage social responsibility.

This work has opened up social for our most risk-averse clients with proven results across the patient journey through social programming that makes an impact and moves the bottom line.

It starts with a smart social strategy

Every product is unique, so the strategy must match. We lead our clients through a strategic process designed to uncover the white space where your brand can make an impact and define how to use social as a tool to move customers through the sales funnel to conversion. 

  • We first look inward at your company, unique product or service offering and potential audiences
  • We study the competition, industry and culture that impact your brand
  • We consider the needs and barriers for the customers and connected communities

This process is powered by Smarty Intel™ – our approach to social listening, data analysis and benchmarking that ensures a data-based approach to this work.

Smarty applies this insight to establish your platform approach, messaging and content strategy, and paid media/amplifciation recommendation along with the goals and KPIs that define social success. A social styleguide and tactical roadmap define how this work comes to life across the patient journey. 

Social programming aligned with the patient journey

Nearly everyone, from patients, to HCPs, to investors/payers, are consuming content and having conversations across multiple social platforms. It is this two-way communication along with the relative speed and flexibility that make social media a powerful tool in any space, but specifically helpful for new healthcare innovations. 

We look at the journey for patients and consider how the conversation intersects for all audiences. 

  • Awareness: Every social strategy needs an ongoing awareness campaign across all audiences and multiple platforms, especially for newer medical device and healthcare brands
  • Consideration: Create multiple consideration points and social creative to identify hand raisers that express interest through a social action
  • Lead Conversion: Engage users at the right time with the right message that results in collecting information. Then optimize and test new tactics to convert leads cost effectively
  • Nurture: Healthcare clients are typically faced with long consideration cycles. Nurture campaigns continue the conversation to stay top of mind and drive brand education and recognition
  • Patient Conversion: Social can help bridge the gap for healthcare brands that do not have full visibility to patient conversion. Social surveys can help gauge success and inform more upper-funnel campaigns
  • Advocacy: Share user generated content (UGC) and whitelist influencer content into paid campaigns to help nurture prospects and create advocacy streams of influence
  • Customer Experience: Nurture audiences through social customer care, engagement, and community building that intersects at every stage of the funnel and helps to drive the desired actions and provide real-time feedback

Bringing the journey to life

The true magic of any social campaign is rooted in how the journey is brought to life through content that engages, inspires and most importantly triggers action. It’s critical to tell the right story with seamless branding, continuity of message and the freedom to test and learn through various creative executions. 

At Smarty, our strategic process combined with our specific healthcare expertise and in-house content team, allows us to deliver effective custom, platform and campaign-specific content that fuels organic discovery and effective paid campaigns. It’s this combination of efforts working together that effectively moves targeted audiences through the patient journey and makes social media such a valuable investment for our healthcare clients.

Are you ready to make social work for you? 

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